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The holidays are an exciting time for any child, with some even counting down the days till they can break free from classroom walls and busy school schedules. The Easter Holiday is no exception – kicking off with a long weekend surrounded by family and friends. The excitement is flowing and there seems to be a plethora of activities available to keep the boredom at bay.

However, when it’s time for the parents to go back to the proverbial grind, and the children’s zest for free time starts to plateau – boredom begins to creep in…

This is where GO Lab’s Holiday Club shines through – a savior to any stressed out parent, offering a chance to entertain and keep Bright Minds Switched On during the mid-holiday lull. With this club, we offer a variety of things – such as:

Peace of Mind

Our Holiday Club is run by trained GO Lab facilitators, providing an engaging experience that is as fun as it is educational – all within a safe and secure environment. This allows parents to have some peace of mind during their work week, focusing on their tasks without worrying about what their children are getting up to, to satisfy the boredom bug.

The Creative Sweet Spot

Between our skilled facilitators and our technology-fuelled learning environment, our Holiday Club offers young thinkers the perfect balance between freedom and guidance. It is this sweet spot in which knowledge and educational principles are applied in a fun way to foster creativity and tailor the holiday experience for each child.

Connect to a Community

As our Holiday Clubs are open to a variety of school-going children, ranging from 9 to 17 years old, it is also an opportunity for like-minded individuals to meet, interact and form a community offline (a foreign concept to some children in the modern age!). Over the 3-day period; learners can collaborate on fresh ideas, bond over common interests and even make some new friends along the way.

See Things Differently

A Holiday Club such as this gives Bright Minds a head start; encouraging them to take an active role in engaging with the technology of today so that they can build their futures tomorrow.

By taking part in a club that integrates learning and fun into the same engaging experience, children can also start to see the act of learning as a lifestyle; rather than a task to complete between set hours. It is this shift in the perception of learning that will give our children the advantage of continuous self-development along a lifelong and self-motivated quest to know more.

Investigate your Interests

No holiday is complete without a trip – and there is no adventure more rewarding than going on a journey of self-discovery.

The Holiday Club is an opportunity for young minds to explore their unique interests and inspire their confidence. Each lab environment is equipped to tantalise any curiosity that young thinkers may have, setting them on a journey of self-discovery as they are able to investigate their interests while navigating through a world of technology and creativity. It is in these types of environments that passions are found and followed!

What we are offering is more than a normal Holiday Club; it’s where bored brains are transformed into Bright Minds, where young thinkers can Switch On to the world of possibility and where your child can learn to invent their tomorrow, today.

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