The Importance of After-school Activities

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Extra-mural activities are such an integral part of the school experience. Be it athletic, academic or theatrical; after-school activities offer learners the chance to engage with other like-minded individuals, discover their passions, hone their skills as well as contribute to the school’s culture, spirit and pride.

The Benefits

After-school activities also play a vital role in overall child development, offering a host of benefits at the individual level. We’ve outlined a select few below:

  1. Time management and prioritising – Helping learners exercise the organisational skills that are needed in almost every profession.
  2. Collaboration and teamwork – Learning to work well within a team by identifying the value that individual talents and ideas contribute to the group as a whole.
  3. Platforms to exercise healthy competition – Learners are driven to improve themselves as a result of their love of the activity and team camaraderie.
  4. Socialisation skills – Learners are able to interact freely and form new friendships on the basis of shared interests.
  5. Decision making skills – Learners are given the practical opportunity to discover what they like and what they are good at.
  6. Self-esteem and confidence – By being able to explore their interests, learners can develop a sense of purpose-driven direction in their lives.
  7. Promoting healthy hobbies – By finding activities that inspire them, learners can spend more of their free time developing their skills for that activity rather than solely staring at a screen.
  8. Setting and achieving goals – By designating a consistent amount of time to developing a skill and being able to reflect on their developmental progress, learners can become efficient in achieving the personal development and fulfilment that accompanies this life skill.
  9. University applications – Taking part in extra-mural activities showcases commitment and initiative. It can also serve as evidence for leadership roles, self-exploration and maturity development.
  10. Finding passion – It can take a person years to find what they’re truly passionate about. If a learner is able to explore and discover what ignites their interest from an early age, they will have more focus and drive to build themselves up towards what truly fulfils them – gravitating towards excellence through enjoyment.

Something Unique

GO Lab offers a range after-school activities to our 13 collaborating schools in the form of Extra-mural Clubs (Drone Club, Robotics Club and Inventors Club) as well as Switch On Extra-murals. In addition we offer a GO Lab Holiday Club that is also accessible to learners who do not attend our 13 collaborating schools – giving more South African children the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from the GO Lab learning environment.

GO Lab’s Extra-mural & Holiday Club activities foster ingenuity through an engaging learning experience, offering a perfect balance between creative freedom and educational guidance. The GO Lab environment and ethos serve to shift the perspective of learning (especially in young minds) – from an act that is done in the classroom for a limited number of years, to a self-motivated lifestyle of investigation that promotes lifelong learning.

It is this shift in perspective that will create a never-ending thirst for knowledge, encourage curious creativity and open up each individual learner’s potential for innovative thinking – the perfect combination to develop ideas that could change the world.

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