The Curiosity Kit: A versatile technology kit with loads of creative inventing potential

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Where technology meets creativity, the Curiosity Kit is an educational tool kit that lets you explore the world of coding through innovative and fun projects.

With the Arduino UNO board at its core – this kit includes bluetooth capabilities to let you connect your inventions to your smart device and serves as a perfect practical introduction into IoT (The Internet of Things), allowing inventors to create smarter projects!

The Low Down

The Arduino UNO is a single board computer that combines hardware and software which allows you to programme your own projects or modify others! As part of a developers platform that’s taking the world by storm – it is used to make prototypes by Inventors, interactive installations by artists, innovative musical instruments by musicians, low cost scientific instruments by teachers and professors in universities, and much more! The Arduino UNO is a user-friendly device and is a popular tool for introducing various technology avenues such as robotics, electronics and coding. It is easy enough for those who are not familiar with electronics – allowing beginners to enjoy endless hours of experimenting, practicing and building their skills – but has enough processing power to create incredible little devices for experienced inventors.

Complete with a prototyping breadboard, power supply and batteries – this kit also includes 3 coloured standard LED’s, jumper wires, pin headers, resistors, ultrasonic distance sensor, bluetooth module, light sensors, buttons, dials and a buzzer speaker – all of which will kickstart your journey with making your own creations.

The combination of hardware and software skills is a foot forward in the advancement of technology applications and uses in modern society. By using this kit, children are exposed to practical applications of coding language, navigating software, and electronics in a friendly environment while exploring their ideas through practical based projects. This ultimately empowers children with valuable 21st Century Skills and prepares them for an ever-evolving world of technology.

With the Curiosity Kit, learning becomes mobile with battery packs which allows projects to be used beyond the confines of your home or school. This kit opens the possibilities of many new projects that can be adapted and built upon – empowering your creative curiosity to lead the way.

Technical Specifications

The specifications of the Curiosity Kit components are as follows:

Parts Description
1 x Bread Board 300TP + 100TP Power Lanes (400TP in total)
1 x 9V Power Supply Battery to DC Barrel Jack
4 x AA Batteries 1.5V Alkeline
1 x Arduino USB Cable 30cm to Arduino
1 x Bluetooth Module Bluetooth 2.0 for serial communications
15 x LED’s 5 Red, 5 Yellow, 5 Green
2 x LDR’s Light Dependant Resistors (Photoresistor)
6 x Buttons 2 Blue, 2 Red, 2 White
4 x Pin Headers 10 Pns Each
1 x Piezo Buzzer 80dB Sound Level Passive Speaker
40 x Resistors Variable Resistors
1 x Potentiometer 180 Degree Variable Resistor
30 x Jumper Wires Assorted Colours, Male to Male
1 x Ultrasonic Distance Sensor 2cm – 500cm range distance

This versatile kit is exclusively available to Holiday Club members and will be used during the three days of learning fun. Don’t miss out on this amazing starter pack that serves as the perfect foundation to your own 21st Century tool kit and empowers creative curiosity anywhere you GO!

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