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GO Lab attended a primary school gala held at Crawford La Lucia Preparatory last week Friday, 23rd February 2018, along with 9 other local schools.

While some learners got in the zone for their respective races, members of GO Lab’s Extra-mural Clubs got the crowd of pupils and parents roaring with Hovercraft relays and freestyling robots.

This gala served as a platform for technology culture & sports culture to integrate, allowing the opportunity for less athletically inclined learners to be more engaged with a school event such as this. What added to the success of the day, was the fact that the merging of these two cultures resulted in a more inclusive environment for all, fostering a greater sense of school spirit and unity.

The GO Lab team had so much fun at the gala, and look forward to the next time we get to Switch On school spirit.

If you would like to see what went down on the day, check out this video:

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