Makey Makey Invention Kit


The MaKey MaKey Invention Kit is ideal for learning about and experimenting with circuitry and electronics, and utilizes safe High-Resistance-Circuitry.


The MaKey MaKey Invention Kit is an exciting gadget that utilizes an Arduino Leonardo to make basic circuitry and experimentation accessible to all. It utilizes high-resistance-switching to allow users to create circuits with just about anything – from pieces of wood to pencils, or even carbon-pencil drawings on a sheet of paper.

The MaKey MaKey has a total of 18 inputs. Six of these inputs are on the front of the box, and can be connected to almost anything via some included alligator clips and can be programmed to specific buttons or keystrokes. The other twelve inputs on the back of the box connect via jumper wires, and are preprogramed to emulate keyboard and mouse controls.

With an Arduino Leonardo as the brain behind this fascinating gadget, the features of the MaKey MaKey all culminate into an exciting package that beginner inventors can experiment with, turning ordinary household items into buttons to play video games or musical instruments, or simply to impress friends with this new and unique electronics experimentation kit


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