Electronics and art and creating the future: the importance of creativity

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Technology has always helped artists express themselves. Think of Andy Warhol’s silkscreen printing, or the first movie cameras that allowed filmmakers to take their stories to the screen.

But the relationship between art and technology works both ways. While electronic innovation drives the evolution of art, art also influences the way people interact with technology. For example, a programmer coded the software that runs your smartphone, but an artist designed the sleek interface that lets you maximize your phone’s potential.

These days, art and technology might be more closely linked than ever. Working together, they are literally creating the future around us. You can see this happening in so many areas. Virtual reality is taking inspiration from science fiction. The newest space shuttles incorporate designs by Leonardo da Vinci. The list goes on.

The latest developments in electronics are changing the way we consume art, too. In the past, institutions like art galleries stood between artists and the public. Today, anyone can create something and share it with the world. For instance, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. That’s a lot of Salt Bae videos.

What this means is that audiences and artists can connect directly, anytime, anywhere. Even just 10 years ago, this would have been impossible. In other words, these changes are huge, and they’re happening fast. But there’s no reason to be worried. New technologies just mean more inspiration. As usual, what will be more important than the technological changes themselves is how we deal with them. And, whether you’re Elon Musk or Andy Warhol, one factor that always determines how well we do is creativity.

For example, a 2016 report from the World Economic Forum concluded that as technology advances, creativity will be one of the top 3 skills employers will look for. Another survey by IBM found that 60 percent of CEOs believe that creativity is the most important leadership quality needed today. And it makes sense. In a world where technology is changing so rapidly, it pays to be able to see trends and think differently.

That’s why GO Lab believes in fostering creativity. Whether it’s in the world of art or electronics, one thing is always essential: the sense of fun and curiosity behind all innovation. That, more than anything, is what creates the kind of art — and technology —that makes an impact both now, and for years to come.

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